Studex® Ear Piercing

Studex® earpiercing picture If you are thinking of getting an ear or nose piercing for yourself, daughter or son, please turn to me with with confidence. I use the Studex® ear piercing system, since over the last 40 years it has proven to be the best on the market. The process involves minimal pain and with the earrings made from stainless steel, metal allergy and other complications cannot happen. Naturally, during the recovery period, hygienic conditions have to be met in order to prevent infection.

Benefits of ear piercing

  1. Little pain
  2. Anti-allergén, nikkel-, ólom-, kadmium- és kobaltmentes
  3. Anti-allergic, nickel, lead, cadmium and cobalt free
  4. Safe, hygienic and quick
  5. Incredibly quiet
  6. Very precise piercing
  7. Sterile, disposable earrings
  8. No need for disinfection

After ear piercing

  1. do not need rotating, as 4-5 days after the piercing they start moving by themselves.
  2. When showering, pay attention to rinse out the shower gel or shampoo from the pierced area, both nose and ears.
  3. The full recovery is 4-6 weeks.
  4. Keep the jewellery clean, dry and airy after the piercing.

General Information

There is no indication that swimming pools, beach or general use of water following the piercing would cause any problems. After piercing, the small scar produced does not justify omitting any of these programs.