Strip, Individual and 3D false eyelashes

Dear Reader! Do you share the desire to have beautiful, long eyelashes? Just enough that if you flatter them, half of the world kneels at your feet. In the following, I will share some important information with you! The choice is not easy, it changes for individuals and occasion which would be the best suit for you. Long eyelashes fit every women, if applied professionally. The pictures accompanying the description represent the false eyelashes, helping you consider which one you would like.

Types of False Eyelashes

Strip False Eyelashes

Strip false eyelashes picture This type is characterized by the extremes. It is the easiest, cheapest, and least lasting false eyelashes. The basic kit usually involves a glue, however I believe it is worth purchasing a stronger one than the provided.


  1. Degreasing with tonic, for the better adhesion of the lashes.
  2. Trying the lashes onto the eyelid. The staring point is where your real lashes start.
  3. Pour some glue onto the base of the false eyelashes, and apply them.
  4. glue dries quickly, immediately ready for makeup.


This can be viewed as an instant method, cheap, can be applied quickly. There will be no trace of these "party-lashes" next day.


Not durable, not recommended for everyday use.

Individual False Eyelashes

Individual false eyelashes picture More natural and permanent than the strip lashes. A good choice regarding price too, however I would like to emphasise that it is worth experimenting what is the best look for you. The application is similar to that of the strip lashes, only that here these few strands are applies to the base of your natural lashes. Mascara should not touch it, however if applies professionally, it should not be a problem.


More natural than strip lashes. With proper attention, it can last up to2-3 weeks.


When one piece falls out, it means a loss of 5-10 lashes, causing a visible difference. These should be replaced if possible. I do not recommend removing the other false lashes, there is an available special solvent for this.

3D false eyelashes

3D false eyelashes picture Today, 3D eyelashes are not only fashionable for movie stars. They have become accessible for ordinary people too. In this case, the eyelashes need to be applied individually to the base of the lashes, with the mixed lengths. This creates a natural look. If you are dedicating it to a special occasion, it can be infused with a few coloured lashes.


It creates a very natural effect, and the fallout happens in a normal way, lashes fall down one by one, so there will not be any "holes" is your lashes. This is determined by the speed of growth of your lashes, for some they may last up to 3-5 weeks, while for other they start falling out after 2 weeks.


This should not be done at home by any circumstances. Only professionals can apply it, and even then it takes at least an hour. The price is usually determined by the number of lashes applied.