Long-Time-Liner® permanent makeup

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You can take care of your basic makeup for years with the newest technology and look perfect at any time of the day! You can forget about the countless hours spent in from of the mirror making your makeup. You won’t have to worry about lipstick, eyebrows or eyeliner, because they will already look flawless!

Offered services:

1. Tattooed eyebrows

Natural looking, hair stroke eyebrow tattoo. I create the eyebrow from small tattooed lines. A professional hair stroke eyebrow is completely natural looking! Based on your face shape, I can create the best shape for you! Unnoticeable, it fits perfectly to your natural eyebrow, and harmonizes with your face and character. As the eyebrow is completely made up out of very thin strokes, its arc makes you seem younger, opens up your eyes and makes it more noticeable. It is also possible to make a nice arc with the shaded technique, but that won’t look as natural. The hair stroke method gives a most beautiful result.

2. Permanent eyeliner, upper and bottom lid contour

It doesn’t smudge, and it looks good on everyone! At tracing we can see what thickness and curve looks best on you, where we need to make it thicker or thinner. I also shade the base of your eyelashes, so they would look rich even without mascara.

3. Permanent Lip Colour

Permanent lip colour is a Long-Time-Liner® speciality! Due to this technology, you can have wonderfully delicate but yet very full lips. Feminine, seductive, rich and elegant at the same time. I emphasize on the naturally beautiful shape, and hide the unfavourable properties.

Don’t worry, these can all be fixed or corrected!
The results will be gorgeous, evenly coloured lips!

4. Permanent Lip Contour

Brownish lip contour was the fashion in the 90’s. You might still remember these characteristic, framed lips. I had the chance to experience these, total nightmare... now in hindsight. This is the past! Today, I can make your lips with drawing and tattooing a natural contour, but only so gently, that it doesn’t get separated from the lip colour. The old tattoos still have their marks, and fixing it might be a multi-stage process, especially if the contour is above the lip’s line. However, I have never seen an unfixable case, where the result wasn’t stunning! Of course, keep in mind that these cases may need multiple occasions, mostly because of correction, but it is completely worth it!

The Process of Permanent Makeup:

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Free of charge, without any commitment, I can draw your permanent makeup, with the most fitting colours.

Your skin is cleaned and disinfected.

With special Long-Time-Liner® pre-drawing crayon I draw up the desired makeup. This is the base of your permanent makeup!

I make your permanent makeup with the desired colour, while I anesthetic your skin multiple times.

Home care:
You must apply the cream I supply to you on the tattoo several times a day. It is very important not to let the tattoo dry out.

Correction: The second part of tattooing happens between 4 weeks and 3 months. This is needed for the colour to become and stay nice and complete for a long time. This will complete your permanent makeup, and is also the chance for any last changes.

Features of the Long-Time-Liner® technology:

fourth of Long-Time-Liner® For the best result, not only the beautician’s practice is required, but allergy-, carcinogenic-free and high-quality tattoo pigments, as well as the medical instrument quality tattoo machine suitable for very precise work. The German Long-Time-Liner® Conture 2000 with microprocessors, micro-pigmentation and its ink series meets the requirements for the 1998-as ISO 9001/46001 EG directives 93/42/EWG requirement for medical products and has a CE0123 medical certification.

The large scale of colours developed by Long-Time-Liner® make it possible to achieve a perfect, character matching result for every skin tone: for lips, eyes, eyebrows, masking, correction or medical pigmentation. The inks are made of minerals, are sterilized by gamma rays and have a unique adhesive ability. Therefore, they ensure a much more sophisticates, aesthetic, durable as well as safer result than any other similar techniques.

The machine via medical certification uses surgical steel handpiece and disposable medical steel needle. This underlines the fact that this is the highest quality of permanent makeup technology, with the most aesthetic, precise and reconstructive treatments.

The process
of Permament Makeup
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