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We women are great in taking care of our makeup by ourselves. However, in case of a special event – let it be a wedding or any other important event – it is best to ask for a professional’s help. Despite taking a great effort with your stunning dress and matching accessorizes, a bad makeup can ruin your whole look! You really deserve to look beautiful for an important occasion, don’t you? In the following, I will tell you about the different makeups.

Everyday Makeup

Everyone knows the saying, that sometimes less is more. In this case, this is absolutely true, we don’t need to do more than mask small imperfections, highlight the gaze and add colour onto the lips. The goal is to achieve all day long durability, natural looking effect, which needs little maintenance.

Special Occasion Makeup

This makeup can be worn at graduation; work parties; attending weddings as guest; carnivals; photo shoots; proms; a date; birthdays; meetings; dinners and other endless list of occasions. Creating these looks takes more time and attention than an everyday makeup. I believe for these, it is worth to ask the help of a professional. My twenty years of experience, diploma, and outstanding result in numerous prestigious makeup contest guarantee your satisfaction.

Wedding Makeup

Every girl is waiting for this big day from their childhood, therefore naturally it all has to be perfect. A wedding makeup is notably different from every other makeup. The occasion requires serious and defined preparations. The makeup of the bride has to meet the following criteria:

  1. Look good in daylight
  2. pretty in artificial light, photographs, and throughout the evening
  3. Be very durable, but not look as a plaster
  4. Waterproof, tear-resistant makeup
  5. Be unique for the occasion and the character
  6. Be stylish

second picture of makeup

Testing the makeup:

You need to know how to wear a makeup, which needs getting used to. A stronger makeup is unusual to many. I usually recommend to make a test makeup, although this has both advantages and disadvantages.


You will have a beautiful makeup, which you can schedule for the hen party. You can see your makeup idea in reality, get used to a stronger makeup, especially if you are not used to wearing such in everyday life.


Wearing the same makeup twice – in the exact same way – is unlikely to be ever prepared. You usually do not show off your wedding dress before the Big Day, and neither should your makeup. There is an in-between solution, which has become very common in the recent years. It offers a solution to this problem. This would be creating the test makeup for the day of the creative photography, as this doesn’t fall on the wedding day. On one hand, on your wedding you only have to take care of yourself, you can avoid waking up really early to meet strict deadlines so you can catch your own wedding. On the other hand, it is perfect regarding the makeup, since you do need the strong makeup for the photo shoot, which can later be the masterpiece of your photo album. Thus, you can have a lighter, moderate or innocent makeup for the day of your wedding. Of course, the durability will be the same. This may generate some additional cost, but is very worth considering!

Possible questions:

How much does it cost?

Today, weddings cost hundred thousands, millions of hungarian forint. Thus, I believe it is not worth trying to save money on makeup and cosmetic preparations if we don’t regret spending money on a beautiful dress! A bad makeup could haunt you for years, making you unhappy when looking at your wedding photos.

Are you ready for the change?

third picture of makeup

A bridal makeup is more defined, with more character and stronger tones than the everyday ones. You should only turn to a professional if you are ready to follow their advice. They’ll know what makeup looks good on photos, and from the distance, not only from a close-up.

When do you need to visit your beautician before your wedding?

  1. In case of problematic skin, it is worth making this visit 6 months before the big day. Ask for a personal consultation, and it is worth asking whether they will be free on your wedding day. With professional treatment, it is literally possible to do a miracle, but this needs time. We can choose from a range of treatments, as it is much easier to apply makeup onto well-cared skin.
  2. A month before the wedding, it is worth performing a cleansing and hydrating treatment.
  3. A week before the wedding skin care and rejuvenation should be performed with a microdermabrasion treatment.
  4. If the form of the eye calls for false eyelashes, and you choose 3D false eyelashes, it should be applied a few days before the wedding, since these need much attention in the following two days.

Is tannings allowed before the wedding?

Excessive exposure to the sun and tanning are both strongly dehydrating, weaken the immune system, and may even result in the appearance of herpes. Tanning should be started well in advance, and done based on a carefully scheduled, non-excessive plan.

How much time does the wedding makeup take?

Creating a great makeup for the Big Day takes at least an hour. The hair should be always done before the makeup. However, nowadays the hairdressers insist on being last in your preparations. In this case, I usually suggest you to come to me after the phase of washing the hair, as this is the most dangerous stage for the makeup. The placement of the 3D false eyelashes need approximately an hour, but this should not be done on the big day.

What else should be considered?

I definitely recommend you to wear a blouse you can unbutton at both the hairdresser and beautician, so neither the hair nor the makeup would get damaged.

The groom’s makeup?

Yes. It might sound strange, but men need to have makeup too. However, this needs to be done in a way, that it cannot be noticed. Otherwise, it means that the makeup is of very quality. The groom only needs concealing, for the sake of the wedding photos. The parents and bridesmaids may be included too, to give order into appearance.

Special Occasion