first picture of microdermabrasion Your skin can become smooth, soft and young again with this innovative technology! Microdermabrasion (skin polishing) – which has two techniques - is the base of my Reviderm® treatment, that has more than 40 personalized packages. From this wide selection you are guaranteed to find the most fitting for you.

Most Popular Reviderm® treatments:

  1. White Controlled
    (To fade pigment spots)

    A special treatment to lighten freckles, pigment and age spots. A fruit acid is used for the lightening, which yields significant results even after the first time. The kojic acid, produced from the Japanese fungus, has a keratolytic effect on hyperpigmentation and age spots. Lightening can be applied partially as well, if desired, only to spots instead of the whole face. Sun protection is very important after this treatment!

  2. Oxygen Step Treatment
    (For stressed skin)

    A very effective treatment for increasing the oxygen absorbing capacity of the skin cells, which is very important for cell metabolism. The active ingredient contains pumpkin seed extract, which stimulates the transport of fat cells, and the eucalyptus leaves extract has solvent properties to the dead face cells. Due to the treatment, the skin will become smooth and healthy, and even after one treatment it will seem younger. Cellular respiration is activated, whereby the special active ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin.

  3. Argi-Syn Decontract Treatment
    (For relaxed and tight skin)

    Collagen production is activated during the treatment. This treatment contains growth factors, a result of its new, innovative combination of active ingredients: Argi-Syn. The hexapeptid reduces the depth of wrinkles, the tripeptid enhanced the production of collagen, and hyaluronic acid takes care of long term hydration. This amazing combination produces results never seen before.

  4. Detox Oleosa Treatment
    (Special treatment for oily, seborrheic skin)

    second picture of microdermabrasion

    A special treatment to improve oily seborrheic skin, whose signs are large pores, oily shiny skin and inflammations. It is a common skin problem of young people of puberty, but it can also be a result of harmful work conditions (air conditioner, dry, dusty air), which can all be treated with this method. An antibacterial mask made of micro silver powder and natural clay can abolish all skin irritation. The results are visible after the first time, the pores become smaller and the inflammations reduces. No more shiny face, only matte, natural skin.

  5. Detox Sicca Treatment
    (A special treatment for scurfy seborrheic skin)

    A treatment recommended for very unclean skin, as it removes the pale, but sensitive skin tone. The scurfy peeling stops and the tense dry skin disappears. This type of skin needs more caring, because seborrhea is not only fat, but can be combined with water shortage. Therefore, Reviderm® has developed a special cream, which is unique on the market of cosmetics. The skin becomes hydrated and flexible even after one treatment.

  6. Cell Regeneration treatment
    (For the intensive regeneration of very used skin)

    The aim of the treatment is to intensively activate cell metabolism. The local wrinkles, like the wrinkles around the mouth, are treated separately, and thus positively influencing the regeneration. Skin metabolism is activated with EGF, a complex biologically active ingredient, cytokine which makes the connective tissues to become stronger. Vitamin C, with valuable revitalizing concentrate increases collagen synthesis, providing a youthful glow.

  7. Anti-Age Treatment
    (An effective treatment against the ageing of the skin)

    The effectiveness of the anti-wrinkles treatment can be seen in the strengthening of the skin’s protection system. The OPC active ingredient Pycnogenol content, gained from grape seed and pine nut extract, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Worldwide, it is one of the most powerful free radicals binding active ingredient, fifty times stronger than Vitamin E. Due to the treatment, the skin cells regenerating from within the skin, protect your skin from the harmful environmental effects, effectively reducing wrinkles.

  8. PCA Peeling Treatment
    (Fruit acid treatment against acne)

    AHA is a product entirely made from fruit acid. During treatment, it frees the skin from dead skin, and it is suitable for pigmentation disorders as well.It refreshes the surface of the skin, and promotes cell division within the lower cell tissues, thereby resulting in the renewal of the skin. As part of treatment, the skin completely changes, it becomes younger, smoother and lighter. During and after treatment, sunscreen is compulsory!

Skin polishing techniques:

As you could read in the introduction, with microdermabrasion these are two possible skin polishing techniques, about which you can find detailed information below.

1. Diamond Microdermabrasion

The most modern skin polishing technique is the diamond microdermabrasion. With the diamond head, there is no need for crystals. the peeling occurs when the head with tiny diamond particles is drawn to the skin. With the help of the diamond particles, I rub off the dead cells from the surface of the skin. During the procedure, there is no need to use any substances harmful for your health, therefore you can feel completely comfortable and safe during the treatment.

third picture of microdermabrasion


For which skin problems can it be used?

Possible questions:

Is it possible to make the skin too thin?

Yes, unfortunately the skin can be thinned out, if the device which is used for the treatment creates an uneven vacuum, but it can also be the result of the the poor quality of the grinding head. It is also possible, that the beautician doesn’t measure the thickness of the skin correctly, and therefore using an incorrect treatment plan can make the skin too thin. It is worth to ask the highest qualified professional for advise in case of similar treatments.

What improvement will I experience on my skin?

Improvement can be observed after the first treatment, the skin becomes softer and fresher, almost able to 'breathe'. The absorbtion of cosmetic products will ebcome much more effective. In case of blackheads, the unpleasant greasy effect disappears, or at least reduces. Pigment spots fade and become lighter.

How many times does it need to be applied?

In order to gain significant results, we need to look at a series of treatments. This means 4-8 microdermabrasion treatments, roughly once a week. When the desired result is reached, it is worth to apply a reinforcing treatment every 1-2 months

In which cases should it not be used?

2. Hydro Abrasion Treatment

fourth picture of microdermabrasion

Of of the new and gentle kind of skin polishing is hydro abrasion. It is a physical treatment, which atomises water particles with ultrasound (about 30.000 vibrations per minute), then micro explosions help to remove dead skin and any kind of dust from the skin’s surface. The treatment is very gentle, and thus is primarily recommended for customers with sensitive skin. The peeling is done with water, therefore it doesn’t cause any sensitivity. The water used cools and moisturises the skin. It only removes the dead skin, and it is important to note that it is not effective for age spots. To achieve that, the diamond microdermabrasion is necessary.


Do not skin polish if:

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