Waxing, Sugar Paste

first picture of waxing

Nowadays hairless body parts are considered essential. One of the oldest methods for hair removal is waxing but later sugar pasta became very widespread too. None of these methods result in permanent hair removal, but they both guarantee smooth and silky skin for a long time. This is better left to professionals as the proper professional technique prevents possible inflammation in the hair follicles. Using appropriate moisturizing creams the skin quickly relaxes and becomes less sensitive.

Sugar Paste

Sugar paste is a sugar-water mixture based on ancient Middle Eastern recipes. It works most efficiently at body temperature, making it impossible to burn the skin. It is safe to use even i case of inflamed varicose veins, since it does not case hyperemia. The main point of using sugar paste is that it percolates to the upper opening of the hair follicle, softening the hair, making it flexible to bend to the direction of hair growth, to be completely removed with the least pain possible. Sugar paste is fully hygienic since sugar itself is a natural preservative, retaining its quality to an unlimited time. It is not reused – boiled or filtered, – it is only used once. The used paste is disposed after each client. The paste does not attach to living skin cells, it only removes dead skin and hair, leaving intact the skin itself. It has a double effect: hair removal and peeling are done in one step. As a result, this hair removal leads to extremely smooth and even skin. The paste can be applied multiple times, so that shorter and stronger hairs can be removed without any damage to the skin. There are different types of pastes, sugar, honey and enzyme. I am especially open to new products, so I can safely say I have tried every product available up to date on the Hungarian market. For the sake of my customers, I am not committed to only one product. Therefore, I can treat my customers individually with the most appropriate technique. I mainly use this product for armpit and intimate areas. I definitely recommend it for Brazilian waxing too.

Advantages of sugar paste are:

  1. Cannot cause allergies
  2. Removable with water
  3. Body temperature
  4. Very efficiently removes hair
  5. Cleans the pores
  6. Ensures 4-5 weeks of hairlessness
  7. Made of natural materials


second picture of waxing

I would like to say a few words about waxing as it is understood in the classical sense, even if several of these products have been marginalized off the market by the products made with better and more modern ingredients. The base of these products is formed by the well known, oxygen-, hydrogen- and carbon- based plant exudate, which has a range of additives mixed into it, making it more fluid and usable.

We can distinguish three groups of waxing:

  1. The first group consist of the so-called traditional or classical wax. These were used in the 90s, typically by cooking and filtering them. It is now outmoded, but nevertheless it is still used in some places, despite causing allergic side effects on sensitive skin. Another disadvantage is that it can only be washed down with gasoline, and be used at a high temperature. As the hair can only be removed in an opposite direction to its growth, many hair may tear in and cause local inflammation. Its only advantage is that it can be manufactured really cheaply.
  2. The second group contains the more modern, strip- and strip-less waxing. This can be washed off by wax washing oil, and another benefit is, that they do not need to be heated up as much as the traditional version. The product is no competitor against sugar paste, but hygienic and well usable.
  3. The third group is where I classify cream- and rubber wax. The relevant difference between these and the previous waxing methods is, that these are removed by themselves. I mainly use them for intimate waxing, however I prefer sugar paste over all three types of waxing.

What to be aware of before waxing or sugar pasting?

  1. As a recurring question, diabetics can safely apply for this treatment.
  2. Pregnant women can safely have this treatment.
  3. With oily skin, it is recommended to avoid the use of body lotion before the treatment, since both the wax and sugar paste would stick more difficultly.
  4. Before and after hair removal, avoid exposure to the sun, tanning, solarium, hot bath, sauna and workout with heavy sweating.
  5. Women should avoid hair removal in the first days of menstruation.
  6. Highly prominent birthmarks, fresh epithelial injury or inner ear cannot be treated.
  7. Should be avoided at the time of peeling treatment.

Sugar Paste Waxing